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We use a collaborative multi-founder model that creates IP to address big market opportunity using science and technology, backed by patient capital and delivered in agile ways.

Video transcript:

[CSIRO logo appears on screen.]

[Timelapse shot of a busy city intersection with traffic] Voiceover: Busy roads are filled with visual and auditory cues that we need to perceive, analyse and understand to make safe decisions.

[Shot of the world from space] Voiceover: At CSIRO, we think big. Really big.

[Quick shots of CSIRO science] To solve the greatest challenges. And that's not where it ends.

[Words “Connect” and “Science+Tech Opportunities” appear on screen] We know that to create impact with innovation, you need to connect great science and technology with great opportunities.

[Aeroguard image appears on screen, WiFi Alliance logo, a contact lens, a bee with a microchip backpack, and a Covid-19 spike protein] You've probably seen some of our great innovations and heard of the big challenges we're working on solving.

[Shot of ice falling, and words “Company Creation” appear on screen] But even with great innovations, there can be roadblocks. Enter our Company Creation team.

[Words “Science, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Industry” and “realise impact” and “Scale fast” appear on screen.] Here to connect amazing innovation with the quadrant of founders, it

needs to realise impact, increase, reach and scale fast.

[Scene of a person working at a desk, and a schematic appears on screen] It applies a venture science model that builds companies to solve global challenges and take science and technology to market at pace.

[Image of Rebel Whopper and v2 food logo appear on screen] It's worked for ideas like this, partnering with established leaders and creating new companies and markets, ready to take on this.

[Scene in space with an astronaut and satellite with Earth in background] With the right connection, greater scale, scope and speed. Imagine what's possible. What will you create? Talk to us today.

[CSIRO logo appears on screen.]

Connecting great science and technology with great opportunities.

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Solving the challenges together


Company Creation, as part of CSIRO, plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of global food systems by providing solutions that not only address current challenges but also pave the way for a more sustainable, resilient, and nourishing food sector. Our goal is to build impactful businesses that take CSIRO's research to the market and contribute to an innovative and economically thriving food industry. Entrepreneurs that work with us can benefit from our extensive network of industry partners, venture capital and world class scientist. Bringing all of these together has been the key to our success so far.

Join us to co-create the future

A force for the future

Come and work with CSIRO Company Creation to co-create the next big start up success. We are looking for passionate entrepreneurs with a keen interest in sustainable global food system. Get in touch if you want to learn more about what we do and to see if there is an opportunity for us to work together.

Areas of exploration

We actively explore and validate opportunities in following areas:

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